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Thank you for visiting website of National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, Jamshoro, Sindh - PAKISTAN. We are located at 150 km north-east from provincial capital Karachi and 18 km north-west from city of Hyderabad. The Center's building is in the premises of University of Sindh.

The NCEAC is one of the leading research Centre in Analytical Chemistry within Pakistan. We are offering to our student a substantial study program with a focus on Analytical, Environmental and Bioanalytical chemistry. Our students are learning all fundamentals of modern analytical methods. The curriculum we are offering makes studying this subject for sure quite attractive and will pave the way to professional carrier of our graduates (M. Phil and Ph. Ds.).

Our faculty is engaged in teaching and research covering various areas in particular using spectrophotometric, electrochemical (nanotechnology), mass spectrometric, chromatographic and thermal methods of analysis. Our major goal are to develop new analytical methods, dyes and trace organics, prepare new materials for identification and removal of these pollutants, investigate role of metal ion in physiological disorders, supramolecular chemistry, lipids analysis, functional foods from local fruits, nano biosensors, immobilization of whole cell, purified enzymes on metal nanoparticles and DNA biosensor technology. We offer MS/ M. Phil and Ph. D programmes in Analytical Chemistry to students with strong background of chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacy.

Please, go through the website to see what interests you most. Let us know if you need further information.


Prof. Dr. Syed Tufail Hussain Shah


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