A delegation of Higher Eduction Commission Research & Innovation Division, Islamabad (HEC R&ID) visited University of Sindh on 10th August 2023 to conduct meeting with Diectors of Research Centres located in University of Sindh. The National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry hosted the meeting. Mr. Hazrat Bilal, Director General R&ID and and Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Assistant Director R&ID from HEC conducted the meeting with Director National Centre of Excellence Prof. Dr. Syed Tufail Hussain Shah and senior facylty members of Centre such as Prof. Dr. Amber Rehana Solangi, Prof. Dr. Najma Memon and Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Mahesar along with Director, Area Study Centre, Far East & Southeast Asia (FESEA) Dr. Mukhaish Kumar and Director, Pakistan Study Centre Professor Dr. Shuja Mahesar. The meeting was organized to have insight of the research activities carried in the said research Centres. The Directors of centres also highlighted the hindrances and contraints that are affecting the research progress. Among those limited budgetry issues were were given top priority..

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  • Prof.Dr. Syed Tufail Hussain Shah
  • Phone # (+92) 22 92213429
  • Fax # (+92) 22 92213431
  • E-mail: director@ceacsu.edu.pk

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