Research in analytical chemistry continues to enjoy healthy growth as the biological engineering and applied sciences, place increased emphasis and demands on chemical analysis of biologically active molecules, environmental pollutants persistent chemicals and various materials at trace and ultra trace level. The result of this growth is a demand for well educated analytical chemist.

NCEAC established at university of Sindh Jamshoro Pakistan (1976) is a Centre with aims to address above challenges through fundamental and directed research in the field of analytical chemistry. The Centre provides an out standing program in this regard and faculty is currently leader in developing strategies for removal of pollutants from water bodies, analysis and new methods development for trans-fatty in fresh food, preparation and application of calixarene macromolecules, nanomaterial & organogels, A group is also working on analysis and on status of metal ions in various disease. For details, please visit individual faculty web pages.

Centre is administrated by the Director, With a Board of Governors supreme body for decision making, where as Vice-Chancellor University of Sindh, Jamshoro is its Chairman.

The faculty comprises of Four Professors, Four Associate Professor, Three Assistant Professors and Four. 120 students are currently registered for M. Phil and Ph. D degrees. The Centre also maintains linkages with industrial establishments and provides variety of analytical services.

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