2ndInternational Conference on Disaster Management and Human Health Risk

2nd International Conference on Disaster Management & Human Health Risk


18th June 2022 (Saturday)
Start at 08.00 AM ( India) 9.30 AM ( Jakarta ) 10:30AM (Malaysia)

Inauguration Function

Doa Recital
National Anthem: Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan

Inauguration by:

Datuk Dr.Hjh. Bibi Florina Abdullah

Pro Chancellor, Lincoln University College

Welcome Address by

YBhg Dato (AMB) Yusoff Abu Bakar

CEO, Lincoln University College

Presidential Address by

Prof. Dr. Amiya Bhaumik

President, Lincoln University College

Message from collaborator

Dr. A.V. Sri Suhardiningsih, S.Kp., M.Kes

Director of SekolahTinggiIlmuKesehatan Hang Tuah Surabaya, Indonesia

Dr. Najma Memon

Professor, National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.

Session I : Plenary Lectures

Role of Environment on emerging Epidemic amidst covid pandemic.

Prof. Dr. Smriti Mani,

MA (Phil), B.Ed, GNM. PB B.Sc Nursing M.Sc Nursing, M. Phil , PhD in Nursing. Principal, College of Nursing, Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata, India

Environmental and health issues related to the natural disasters.

Syed Tufail Hussain Sherazi,

National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry (NCEAC), University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.


Session II : Open paper Session:

Sustainable Healthcare

01 Factors associated with depression among patients undergoing hemodialysis in Karawang, Indonesia Nita Syamsiah
02 The Effect of Administration of Nebulizer on Increasing Oxygen Saturation and Respiration in Tolls with Asthma In Room of Delima Hospital Bhayangkara Setukpa Sukabumi Reni Anggraeni
03 The Effect of Health E-Books Media Toward Health Belief Model (HBM) and Prevention Behavior of Covid-19 in Manufacture Employees: A Quasi-Experiment Study Mamat Mamat
04 Relationship Diet Patterns And The Incidence of Anemia In Adolescent Girls At Sma Giki 1 Surabaya Novan Hariyanto
05 The Effect of Finger Painting on Fine Motor Skills In Mentally Retarded Children At SLB B-F Mandara In Kendari City Yulli Fety
06 Factors Associated with Quality of Life among Adolescents with Beta-ThalassemiaMajor in Indonesia: A Cross-Sectional Study Ai Mardhiyah
07 Establishing Nutritional Management after Natural Disaster for Children Under-five Years in Indonesia: A Systematic Review Rizky Dzariyani Laili
08 The Effect of Red Ginger Compress (Zingiber officinale Var Rubrum) on Arthritis Gout Pain Level In The Elderly Atgeriatric Polyclinic of Parungkuda Public Health Center, Sukabumi Regency In 2021 Reni Anggraeni
09 The Effect of Chair Yoga With Spiritual Intervention on The Life Satisfaction of Older Adults Yoga Kertapati
10 Community Readiness of Surabaya, Indonesia to Face Acute Hepatitis in Children Nisha Dharmayanti Rinarto
11 Household Economy, Maternal Parenting, And Food Consumption on Stunting Prevalence Ari Nofitasari
12 Quality of Life in Family Caregivers of Schizophrenia Patients: A Descriptive Study Dya Sustrami
13 National Health Insurance Ownership and Utilization with Stunting in West Sulawesi 2021: An Overview of Recent Evidence Maya Ayu Riestiyowati
14 Development And Validation Of ARevised VAS-Anxiety Measurement Tools For Preschool Hospitalized Children Islaeli Islaeli
15 Sex differences on patient safety culture practices among nurses in Karawang, Indonesia: A cross-sectional study Lilis Suryani
16 A Scoping Review of digital psychotheraphy’s to reduce levels of anxiety and depression students during the covid-19 pandemic Iyus Yosep
17 The Effect oOf Gardening on Plasmodium Falciparum Infection In Malaria Sufferers In Endemic Areas of Penajam Paser Utara Regency, East Kalimantan, Indonesia Muhammad Habibi
18 The Effect Of Mind-Body Therapy On Reducing Depression Level In The Elderly At Uptd Griya Werdha Surabaya Lela Nurlela
19th June 2022 (Sunday)
Start at 08.00 AM ( India) 9.30 AM ( Jakarta ) 10:30AM (Malaysia)

Session I : Plenary Lectures

Comprehensive Risk Management - Mitigate business risks by implementing effective on-site/ off-site emergency preparedness plan.

Dr. Susanta Podder,

M.Tech. in Safety & Occupational Health Engineering from IIEST,Kolkata. PhD, M.Sc and M.Phil in Environmental Science

Rabies Healthcare as Disaster

Dr. Sumit K Poddar,

MBBS, MBA, PhD Secretary General, Association for Prevention and Control of Rabies in India (APCRI).

Session I

Open paper Session:

01 The Effectiveness of Ergonomic Modifications in Reducing Complaints of Low Back Pain and Increasing The Productivity of BricklayerIn Indonesia Ainur Rachman
02 Parenting style and emotional regulation in Children with intellectual disability Salwa Mawaddati Muna
03 Cross-Cultural Adaptation, Validity, and Reliability of the Indonesian Version of the Hill-Bone High Blood Pressure Therapy Compliance Scale Eldawati Eldawati
04 Communication Experience and Barriers between Nurses and Conscious Intubated Patients: A Qualitative Study Mahuya Karmakar
05 Impact of Psychology on Coping Strategies And Nurse Performance During The Covid-19 Pandemic at Rspal Dr. Ramelansurabaya Setiadi
06 Family Support Related To Quality of Life in Diabetes Mellitus Patients With Ulcer Christina Yuliastuti



Session II : Plenary Lectures Session

Medical Insurance benefits, redressal and related issues - a perception study of the end-users.

Dr. Pranam Dhar,

MCom., PhD Faculty of management, West Bengal State University, Kolkata, India

Human Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Ground water of Hyderabad, Pakistan.

Amber Rehana Solangi,

National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.

Session II

Open paper Session: Sustainable Healthcare

01 The Analysis of National Health Insurance for Hospital Daily Patient Visits During Covid-19 in Mother-Child Hospital “Putri” Surabaya, Indonesia Nuke Amalia
02 Pre Operative Patient's Anxiety Level With Rt-Pcr Swab Covid Detection 2019 In Operating Room Rspal Dr. Ramelan Surabaya Sri Anik Rustini
03 Relationship between Family Support and Elderly Independence in Fulfilling Daily Activities Ayu Citra Mayasari
04 Analysis Of The Influence Of Diving Activities On The Occurrence Of Decompressive Disease Nur Chabibah
05 Evaluating the Impact of Online Nursing Education On Caring Attitude towards Patient Safety among Nursing Students in Nursing Academic Institution, West Bengal, India Jharna Ghosh
06 Management of Pregnant Women's Nutrition in Disaster Emergencies in Indonesia: A Systematic Review Dewinta Hayudanti

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