Fixed Barbed Wire on NCEAC Hostels

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Fixed barbed wire on NCEAC Hostels
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90 days

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The due receipt date of the tender is 25th June 2022 up to 01: 00 p.m which will be opened on the same day at 03: 00 p.m before the government contractor/supplier or authorized person.
  2. Earnest money @ 3% of the Tender Cost.
  3. No tender will be accepted without production of 3% earnest money in shape of call deposit/ pay order.
  4. The quoted price should be including taxes, material charges & labor charges.
  5. The offer must remain valid for 90 days from the date of opening for the successful tender.
  6. After the approval of tender, the successful Contractor/supplier shall be bound to complete the work otherwise earnest money will be hold .
  7. The conditioned tender or accompanying the cross cheque or without accompanying the Bank call deposit or Demand draft on account of the earnest money will not be entertained.
  8. The contractor/supplier shall be bound to abide the rules and regulation of SPPRA along with the specified terms and conditions or directions of the related higher authorities as well as decision of the tenders opening committee.
  9. The announcement letter of successful contractor/supplier with justification for acceptance or rejection will be affixed within 10 days on the Centre’s notice board. The tenders opening committee reserves the rights to accept or reject tender without assigning any reason whereof.

The interested contractor/firms/companies may obtain the Tender documents from Office of the Director NCEAC during office hours (09:00 AM – 03: 00 PM) and Tender documents can be downloaded from Centre website

All payments will be accepted in the form of demand draft in the favor of Director, National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry, University of Sindh, Jamshoro

Prof. Dr. Syed Tufail Hussain Sherazi
Professor & Director
NCEAC, University of Sindh, Jamshoro

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