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National Centre of Excellence in Analytical, University of Sindh Jamshoro in collaboration with CoE EU-CBRN is organizing a two day webinar on "Chemical Substance Risk & their Minimization" scheduled on 29-30 June 2021

CHNS Analyzer

National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry organized a two-day webinar based international training on "Chemical Substance risks and their minimization " in association with EU-CoE-CBRN. The training was sponsored by European Union and conducted from the platform of ENCO, Austria. Today, as on 29th June 2021 around 60 participants attended the training from classroom and from computers through weblink.

CHNS Analyzer

The training was officially opened by Dr. Lela Bakanidze, Professor, and Key Expert for On-Site Technical Assistance to the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Centres of Excellence Secretariats in Uzbekistan and Algeria. B&S Europe and Prof Syed Tufail Sherazi, Director National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry. Five lectures were delivered in today's sessions by speakers from Autria and Kenya. They briefed on the harmless use of chemicals and variuos conventions and rules for better management of chemicals. Audience appreciated the training design, lecture content and presentations. Prof. Najma Memon who conducted today's session asked trainers to share chemical inventory management guidelines for academic institutions which they agreed to provide. .

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